Ruth Bader Ginsburg

SCOTUS was ok today.

Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Rights, Basic Good Sense

Today the Supreme Court handed down a ruling on the case Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt. What was at issue was the regulations the state of Texas wanted to impose on abortion providers as outlined in the controversial HB2 law. You remember it: it was the one that State Senator Wendy David filibustered while we all cheered.


Notorious RBG Kicks Ass

I’m a sucker for an interesting woman, so Notorious RBG is obviously my sort of book.


Notorious RBG Drops Knowledge On Abortion Access, Like A Boss

Please don't ever leave the Supreme Court, RBG.

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When It Comes To Pregnancy Discrimination, Equal Is Not The Same As Fair

Peggy Young's Supreme Court case raises questions about how pregnant women and their bodies should be viewed, treated and legislated.