Is sexting cheating? (Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: Is Sexting Considered Cheating? 

Is sexting cheating? I've been with my boyfriend a little under a year. He refuses to acknowledge what he did as cheating.

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The Science Behind Our Selfie Obsession

The celebrity nude photo leaks raise a pertinent question: Why do people take salacious selfies in the first place?


Human Detritus Justin Ross Harris Indicted For Murder, Car-Related Child Death Still Too Common

The father who “sexted while his son slowly died in a hot car" has been charged with murder, but sadly, child car death remains chillingly common.

"I couldn't do it—she didn't like Harold and Kumar on Facebook." Courtesy of Wikimedia

Aziz Ansari Asked, Reddit Responded: Do You Google Potential Dates?

The modern dating game allows ample room for arguably odd—and possibly creepy—amendments in the Constitution of Finding Love.

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Hey Kids! Stop Sexting with this Handy New App

D.A.R.E. to keep kids off dick-pics. Just say no, teens, just say no.


When Scary Sex Games End in Death: The Sordid Tale of Le Cousins Dangeroux

A recent story involving ropes, alcohol, drugs and incest serves as a kinky sex cautionary tale.


Textual Tension: Is it Fair to Judge the Way Someone Texts?

The latest exploration in nitpicky love was featured on YourTango today when the staff prompted an array of women in their 20s to lament about their biggest texting deal breakers. We all have our weird ticks, but is nixing a second date based on how they text OK?