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What I Learned From Year Of Yes, Shonda Rhimes' New Book

The most important things my mother taught me included work from Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, Wham! and Whitney Houston.

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Why Shonda Rhimes And Oprah’s Convo About Marriage Is Revolutionary

In her conversation with Winfrey, Rhimes admitted that one of the realizations she had is that she has no desire to get married.

Scandal's Cyrus Beene (Credit:

Why Scandal Is One Of The Most Important Shows Ever For The Gay Rights Movement

When Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes recently fired back at a homophobic tweeter, she shed light on how progressive her show really is.


Mother Of Biracial Child Suing Sperm Bank Isn't Racist; Our Country Is

Let's stop attacking a loving mother, and start focusing on the real issue at hand.

Male reporters at the New York Times office circa 1942. Has much changed since then? (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Does The New York Times Have A Woman Problem?

A controversial story about Shonda Rhimes has the paper getting flack, once again, for latent sexism and racism in the newsroom.