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My exuberance over these freshly-plucked perennials reminds me that the little things truly are the big things.

Dandelion Girl: How A Photo Of My Younger Self Makes Me A Happier Person

Of all the items that make up my workspace, it’s a picture of me holding a bunch of dandelions that never fails to put a smile in my heart. In this May 1979 picture, I carry an expression that’s nothing short of being as pleased as punch.

If you are starting to transition to a more minimalist home, it can help to get your kids involved in the process.

5 Ways To Be A More Minimalist Parent 

Minimalism is great in concept, especially when you’re looking at someone else’s well-curated life. Declutter, simplify, own only things that bring you joy. This is all well and good for the twenty-something living in a one bedroom apartment, beholden to no one. When you’re a parent, however, minimalism gets a lot more complicated.

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5 Women On Reality TV Who Don't Get The Respect They Deserve

In the wake of the egregious Honey Boo Boo scandal, here are some women on the small screen actually worthy of looking up to.