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Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez

Ask Erin: My Boyfriend Blocked Me On Social Media For Stalking Him

I can't stop stalking him again and again by making fake accounts, using friends’ accounts, and things like that.  Read...
"A fake “poke” could lead to a real one, but nothing ever stuck, and why should it? Unfettered access to endless opportunities galvanizes the guarded masses."

Before The Internet, Love Was Simpler

My phone is now silent by design, but I’m still nostalgic for the days when single people met off-line. I long for genuine closeness and sustained concentration, including my own. I’ve become a person who is perturbed if I text and receive a phone call in reply. I’ve gotten lax in making in-person time for people when I have the ability to consume snippets of their lives online between Netflix originals.

She starts blowing up my dad’s FB feed up with nauseating posts about her “Daddy”: posting pics of herself saying she looks like him, posting that they talk all the time, etc.

Ask Erin: Help! My Half-Sister Is Stalking My Social Media

More than 50 years ago, my dad had a daughter and her mom’s new husband adopted her. My dad later had three kids with my mum and no one talked about the other daughter — I didn't know she existed until a few years ago, when my grandmother made some sort of off-hand remark and I started asking questions.