Mommy gets to swear because Mommy isn't nine.

Why I Won’t Stop Swearing In Front Of My Kid

I have earned the right to swear simply by being an adult. Mommy gets to swear because Mommy isn't nine.


My Kids Think I've Lost My Sh*t

The goddamn election has turned me into a cursing motherf*#+er.

Your children will look back on these moments as memories that make them giggle for years to come. Image: London Scout/Unsplash.

Cursing, And Everything Else That Actually Isn't Messing Up Our Kids

Every single day of our lives, since the moment that we bring home our beautiful child from the hospital — well, actually, well before that — we are faced with a multitude of decisions that will impact their lives. Some decisions are more serious than others. Yet the constant need to rip parents apart for the decisions they make is so unnerving to me that I simply can’t take it anymore.

We're no prudes, but this should be less full.

Stop Cursing, B*tches! The Real Meaning Behind Our Favorite Curse Phrases

Many people think it’s liberating and empowering to say whatever you want with as many “foul” expletives as possible. But did you know that your fondness for what many deem as “vulgar language” might be inadvertently helping the sex-shaming, slut-shaming, and body-shaming patriarchy?