Stop Cursing, B*tches! The Real Meaning Behind Our Favorite Curse Phrases

We're no prudes, but this should be less full.

We're no prudes, but this should be less full.

Many people think it’s liberating and empowering to say whatever you want with as many “foul” expletives as possible. But did you know that your fondness for what many deem as “vulgar language” might be inadvertently helping the sex-shaming, slut-shaming, and body-shaming patriarchy? Also, referencing natural bodily actions by assigning them to unpleasant feelings and/or experiences can’t possibly help banish the taboos that we are trying so hard to abolish.

Are you sex and body positive? 

Then stop saying these things!

Fuck this/that/you

Fucking is supposed to be enjoyable. And consensual. And fun. So when we say “fuck this” when something horrible happens, we don’t really mean it at all. We don’t want to engage in sexual activity with the unpleasant situation/person/thing. We have been giving the word “fuck” such a bad rap for so many decades. If we started to use “fuck” only in positive context, perhaps our society wouldn’t have such a negative perspective on sex.


Fucking someone’s mother. Or someone fucking their own mother? Next time you sarcastically call your friend a motherfucker, please think of what this must look like. Depending on whose mother, it’s not a pleasant visual when considered in the literal form. And no one should reference an incestuous relationship just because they lack a better descriptive.

You suck/this sucks

All the day-to-day sucking humans do is typically pleasant. Straws, candy, popsicles, body parts of those who consent, etc. Sucking is great. So we shouldn’t be accusing people who are doing something poorly of doing something that is typically enjoyable.

Suck my dick

Usually, when someone says this out of frustration to someone else, they don’t mean it. In fact, it’s the very last thing they would opt into. Fellatio is typically a desired and welcome act. When you say “suck my dick” to someone you’re mad at, you bring dishonor to this act.

That’s the shit!

It can’t be. Unless it’s something that you don’t want anywhere near you. However, if you’re comparing something to the after effects of taking a very satisfying shit, I suppose this could be an acceptable explicate.

I’m so pissed!

What does this even actually mean? Doesn’t it feel really good to piss? Or am I the only lucky one?

He/she is such a pussy

Uhm. How can this indicate anything negative? I like mine. You?

What a dick!

Well, with the exception of undesired or uninvited male genitalia, most of the time, dicks are great. When they're not great, they're just...dicks. So why put them in a negative light?

There are others to add, but let's all just start with this list. Viva la revolution!

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