When we are faced with an evil that looks like us, things get a little more complicated.

We Don’t Call Out White Terrorism Because We Don’t ‘Other’ Whiteness

If Trump is right (there’s a first time for everything) and we need to state what a problem is before solving it, then let’s state it now. Radical white terrorism.

The world is inherently full of risk, and to be honest, travelling doesn’t elevate that risk much.

Why I Sent My 6-Year-Old To London Alone After The Terrorist Attacks

My mother called me the morning after the

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Talking To (And Teaching) Our Kids About 9/11

Talking with our kids about tragedy will never be easy, but it will always be important.

In gay people, masculinity perceives its soft and vulnerable (i.e., human) underside. Image: The All-Nite Images/Flickr.

Masculinity Is Killing Us

To worship all that is masculine often means to frame oneself in opposition to those in the LGBT community. The attitudes and values of that community do make room for the masculine, but predominantly veer toward the gentle, the soft, the empathetic, the sunny, the good-humored, the multicolored, and the spirited.


LA Protects Children From Terror While We Do Nothing About Guns

There is a bitter irony to this morning's news that the entire Los Angeles Unified School District shut down after receiving an emailed threat of violence against its schools. Yesterday was the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy, and it is a stark reminder that although tragedy has become commonplace, we still do little to prevent it unless it is labeled as terrorism.


#YouAintNoMuslimBruv Hashtag Trends In Wake Of London Attack

A man who stabbed three people in a London subway station Saturday tried to instill fear of ISIS by yelling "This is for Syria" as he was hauled away by police. Instead, it is the words of a bystander that captured the world's attention.


Why The Attack On Paris, The City Of Love, Breaks All Of Our Hearts

I distinctly remember getting into a cab after the second plane hit the Twin Towers and hearing on the radio how a third plane crashed into the Pentagon.


When The World Fell Apart On 9/11, I Made Cinnamon Rolls

still make cinnamon rolls from scratch every once in a while. And every time I find myself pushing the rolling pin over the dough, I imagine I'm flattening out the despair of 14 years ago to give way to rising hope. I inhale the divine aroma and faithfully wait for the magic of the rise, and I know when it’s time, the smell with fill my kitchen with pure wonderfulness.