Did Looking At #SolarEclipse2017 Damage Your Retinas? A Quick Test 

The only thing more Googled than "how to treat a burn" (on the 4th of July), is "how to tell if I damaged my eyes" (today).

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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

If you’re unsure of your favorite, take a look at the shades dominating your closet, the common color found in your accent pillows and decor, the paint on your walls, perhaps the car in your driveway. These can be helpful hints, but your favorite color could also just be what you’re generally drawn to out in the world.

I am telling the truth. Aren’t I?

That Time I Took A Lie Detector Test

I’m terrified of wrongful imprisonment. To be the only one who knows the truth and have to live every day in a cell, wondering, why, god, why? [...] Sitting hooked up for gadgets to monitor every aspect of my mind and body, in a small room without any distraction, I see how a person could lose herself — or the truth — for a moment.


Has Marijuana Really Become Stronger Over Time?

Raise your spliff if you've ever heard this line: "Be careful!

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New Study Says We Aren't Awful Shallow People

Congratulations! We think nice people are prettier.


Are Personality Quizzes Psychological Hogwash?

From Myer-Briggs to Buzzfeed, why do we rely on quizzes to provide a sense of worth?