What Your Favorite Color Says About You

image credit: Thinkstock

image credit: Thinkstock

Despite the haters out there, favorite colors aren’t just for preschoolers. No one is too cool for a favorite color. Even if you feel like you don’t have one, you’re probably drawn to certain pigments more than others.

If you’re unsure of your favorite, take a look at the shades dominating your closet, the common color found in your accent pillows and decor, the paint on your walls, perhaps the car in your driveway. These can be helpful hints, but your favorite color could also just be what you’re generally drawn to out in the world.

Of course, your own life experiences can dictate what a particular color means to you and what feelings you associate with it. Just like how you’ll never give your future son the same name as that atrocious bully from middle school.

Some of us have the opposite problem and go a little hue-crazy. It’s more than okay to have multiple favorite colors. Read the descriptions for all of them and see what you think.

There’s no need to be deterministic or fatalistic about what the psychology of color states about personality traits and tendencies. It simply lets you find fun and perhaps useful ways to describe yourself (in case you’ve already taken all the online quizzes about which Seinfeld or Friends character you are).

Still, favorite colors say a lot more than you might think. And a shift in preference might reveal the impact of a significant event or transition into a new life phase.

Enough with the deliberation, let’s get down to the details.


You’re calm, easy-going, caring and reliable. You’re able to find peace and tranquility where most can’t. You seek harmony with others and your environment above all else. You are the friend literally every anxious person needs. Be careful, they may flock to your zen-like energy.


With a flair for the dramatic, you’re a bold and confident individual. People can take your somewhat animalistic, spontaneous nature because it means they get to reap the benefits of your adventurous, extroverted side. Creating your own soap opera is basically a LinkedIn skill for you.


You’re incredibly loyal, providing great stability and care to your friends and family members. You embrace nature and tend to be concerned with how others view you. People love how generous and kind you are with thoughts and feelings, and they rely on this strength. Get your granola on already, because it looks good on you.


You tend to prefer your own imagination to reality, but that just makes you a visionary. A free spirit, you’re idealistic yet intuitive, always analyzing your surroundings. So go ahead and enlighten the crap out of your friends with your highly spiritual side. Ommmmm.


With childlike, delicate sensibilities, people find your youthful glow sweet and romantic. You’re a nurturer, always taking care of people and putting them first. Don’t let people step all over your bubbliness and you’ll be just fine. Haters gonna hate.



Comfortable and low key, people find your direct, consistent presence to be a refreshing change of pace. You’re modest, industrious and dependable. Roll with it because you are workin’ it.


A bit fickle at times, you are highly social and friendly. Your fun-loving spirit makes you crave attention from others, but also makes you the most intriguing character at the party. This is one of the least popular favorite colors, so feel free to boast about your independent attitude.


You’re an idealist who’s often underestimated, but who still enjoys boosting others’ moods. Being a curious intellectual will get you far in life, if it hasn’t already. Curiosity may kill cats but it only encourages your optimism, and kudos to you for that.


Occasionally moody, you’re a sophisticated realist who appreciates order. You’re determined to succeed and incredibly charming, which can be intimidating to some. Think NYC personified. Don’t blame people for wanting to be around your stunning self.


You’re logical and meticulous. You are, or at least want to give the impression of being, innocent. Neat, detail-oriented, and optimistic, you’re an asset both in and out of the workplace. There’s a reason every beach house is decorated with this color, so don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t count as a color.

The colors you dislike can also say something about your personality, so you can take this color psychology even further if you’re interested. Just remember, it’s a soft science.

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