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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

If you’re unsure of your favorite, take a look at the shades dominating your closet, the common color found in your accent pillows and decor, the paint on your walls, perhaps the car in your driveway. These can be helpful hints, but your favorite color could also just be what you’re generally drawn to out in the world.

I will talk about Disney with my kiddos, but it’s not something I want to tweet about during my free time. Image: Thinkstock.

5 Moms I Won't Follow On Twitter

I've noticed that some moms include some pretty wild descriptors on their Twitter profiles. While some are out-there and some are just plain boring, reading them has left me scratching my head, wondering that they would waste their 140 characters on these terms.


Lisa Loeb: Singer-Songwriter

'90s icon. Mom. Actress. Still rocking the glasses look.


Cheryl Frances Cameron: Silk Painter

scarf virtuoso. entrepreneur. bjork fan.


Liane Balaban: Actress, Menstrual Health Advocate

accidental movie star. founder of crankytown. wannabe villain.


Jennifer Cassetta: Self-Defense Guru

author. lover. fighter.


Allison Sciulla: Comedian, Author, Musician

raunchy renaissance woman. multimedia artist. probably a slut.


Heather Greene: Whiskey Expert

sommelier. noser. author. roxane gay fan.