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The Pathetic Tinder Profile Of A Desperate 30-Year-Old

Tinder: being outrageously old is bad for your dating life.


Tinder Bot Reveals Not All Men Of Online Dating Are Jerks

The fact that men on online dating sites can turn hostile when rejected is, at this point, common knowledge.


Sad, But True: Here’s Why Personality-Based Dating Apps Will Never Work

We think we want someone “nice” with a “sparkling personality,” but in the primal crevices of our brains, online daters just want to bone hotties.

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Science Reveals The Secret To Tinder's Runaway Success—And It's Kind Of Depressing

When it comes to love, algorithms and personalities are out, and looks are in.

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Will Tinder's New Pay-to-Play Model Shift The Hook-Up Paradigm?

Tinder CEO/ Co-Founder, Sean Rad, announced that the dating app will be launching a paid option starting in early November. Yay or nay?

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What I Learned While Tindering My Way Across The Country

A girl, her thumb, and her iPhone traverse the USA.


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Tinder Headshots can help you nab the love of your life—for a cool $150.


Swipe Left on Sexist Tinder Shitstorm: Co-founder Claims She Was Sexually Harassed

According to charges in a new lawsuit, Tinder execs are slimy, sexist sleazes.