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Demi Lovato Gets Naked For Vanity Fair And I Cry Tears Of Joy

In today’s OH PRAISE BE news: Demi Lovato takes it all off. No, seriously,

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#BestInDelusionalWhiteMen Longreads

My favorite exploits of white men who reach for the stars and fall far short.

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The Science Behind Our Selfie Obsession

The celebrity nude photo leaks raise a pertinent question: Why do people take salacious selfies in the first place?


From Vixen to Victim: How Vanity Fair Botched Its Monica Lewinsky Exclusive

The much-maligned former Other Woman is now being presented as a poor and hapless victim. Neither image is quite the truth.


This Week in Hillary-World: Hills Battles Sharks...And Wins!

Critics spent the week sniffing for blood, but failed to come up with a scandal that bites.


Dear Gwyneth Paltrow, Please Be a Dirty Cheater and Make All Our Mean-Girl Dreams Come True

Our desire to see the hated Gwynnie fall from grace is pathological and dangerous.