This Week in Hillary-World: Hills Battles Sharks...And Wins!

Each week, we explore Hillary Clinton's universe, gleaning insights from rumor-mongers, pundits, pollsters, political writers and more. Yes, the election is still a bazillion years away, but when it comes to the story of the potential first female president ever (!!), it's never too early to start the conversation.

Scandals of the Week Fail to Deliver the Goods
The Daily Beast said it best this week when it likened the Hillary scandal machine to a circle of sharks (bonus points for the photoshopped image of Hills surrounded by ominous fins!) The desire to find something, anything to add to the news cycle that will damage her presidential bid gets more feverish by the day.

This week, there's outcry about a Dem activist with ties to the Clintons who allegedly has ties to a Washington businessman who allegedly was involved in a sketchy shadow campaign. Did you catch that? Yeah, we didn't quite either, which is a pretty good indication that this "scandal" is pretty much BS.

Meanwhile, another batch of yawn-inducing Clinton docs released today did contain this "bombshell": before Princess Di's wedding, she was asked to avoid "nasty" palace politics. Titillating! (?) CNN is keeping an update of other revelations, which all seem equally un-revelatory.

Sorry, sharks! Maybe next week you'll get a better bite.

Actual Bad News: Voters Still Skeptical About Benghazi
One politician you definitely don't want to be linked with at the moment is beleaguered bully Chris Christie. Yet a new Bloomberg poll shows both he and Hillary aren't trusted on their respective scandals: 63% don't buy that Christie didn't know about the infamous Jersey bridge closure, while 51% don't think Hillary was unaware of the need for more security before the attack in Libya. That said, the same poll found that in a presumptive matchup with Christie, Hillary leads by a healthy 13 points.

Hillary Looks Fierce in Vanity Fair Photo
A slideshow of female power naturally includes a picture of Hillary, looking cool, smart and stylish while gazing knowingly into the distance in a red power jacket. Looking fierce, Hills!

OMG, What if Hillary Doesn't Run?!
The Washington Post has posed a question that the Democratic party has been carefully avoiding at all costs: Um, what if Hillary doesn't end up running you guys? With so much buzz about her presidential campaign, it's easy to forget that Hillary still hasn't made an official announcement, and could end up pulling the plug on her campaign...or more accurately, not plugging anything in in the first place. While there are a lot of reasons to be believe she'll run, it's important to keep some perspective and not get too far ahead of ourselves. (Although really, where's the fun in that?)

The Lowdown
As the sharks keep circling, Hillary's limbs remain intact. In fact, in addition to her dominance over Christie, new polling shows her kicking ass in the battleground state of Iowa. As it stands now, it still looks like she will have a lot momentum during the presidential race...that is, if she runs at all.

What will happen next week in Hillary's universe? Stay tuned for our next roundup!

Image: veni markovski/Flickr

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