Did Looking At #SolarEclipse2017 Damage Your Retinas? A Quick Test 

The only thing more Googled than "how to treat a burn" (on the 4th of July), is "how to tell if I damaged my eyes" (today).

After wearing glasses since fourth grade and contacts since high school, I was eager to see the world unassisted. Image: Liam Welch/Unsplash.

Life After LASIK: Seeing The World On My Own Terms

I was shivering and sweating. What if the procedure didn't work? What if I had serious complications? What if I had to come back?


Stop With The Haterade, #TheDress Will Save Us All

Sometimes, the Internet is a means to our own salvation.


Elease: A Nordstrom Devotee Goes Wine Tasting

Spotted: at Urban Wine Xperience, Oakland, CA


Daily FYI: This Shrimp has the Most Badass Vision on Earth

Mantis shrimp always feel like they're on acid. God made them that way. Let's learn about their crazy-ass eyesight shall we?