Celine Tam on America's Got Talent

This 9-Year-Old Blows Our Collective Minds And Gets A Gold Buzzer From Laverne Cox

Today in, Things That Will Make You Question If You Have Any Talent AT ALL: This kid blows our damn minds on America's Got Talent.

Protesters at the Berekely Police Department

Eyes Or Ears, But Never The Voice: A Reminder To White Protestors From A White Ally

Yeah, sure, okay, Berkeley protestors, #AllLivesMatter—but not all lives are on the line.

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Happy 25th Birthday, Little Mermaid! Was King Triton A Feminist Father?

Ariel is a headstrong gal. But oft-overlooked is the depiction of King Triton, a more complicated (mer)man than we give him credit for.


Chelsea Carmona: Program Manager for the OpEd Project

fledgling author. stigma-defier. former addict.


Watch: Morgan Freeman + Helium. Need We Say More?

To promote a new science show, Freeman has embraced the joys of juvenile humor. And yes, the results are amazing.