Watch: Morgan Freeman + Helium. Need We Say More?

Morgan Freeman has perhaps the most memorable voice in Hollywood. No one, and we mean no one, is immune to its velvety powers and epic boom. Even ocean-floor-dwelling crustaceans quiver in its magnetic wake.

What would it take to separate the man from this innate strength?


In fact, this element is the kryptonite to Freeman's mighty voice. Though sadly, even on helium, he still sounds cooler than your boyfriend.

Freeman sucked up balloon fumes in a trailer for Through the Wormhole, a science show he hosts that explores the mysteries of Earth and space. No word on what the hell that has to do with helium-voice, but somehow it works. In fact, if this new ad doesn't convince you to put on your Velma glasses and get cozy with some sweet sweet science, we're not sure what will.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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