I Was A Bridesmaid In My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding

Yep. It's as weird as it sounds.

Wedding Drunks

5 Tips For Being And Staying Sober At Weddings 

Weddings can be anxiety-inducing and filled with dread for those of us that don’t drink. Attending weddings as a sober person can often feel lonely and about as fun as having dental work without novocain.


Wedding Guest Etiquette: 10 Dos And Don'ts This Wedding Season

Don’t: Overindulge at the free bar. Open bars can be a recipe for disaster if abused.


A Handy Guide To Not Fucking Up Your Wedding (According To Everyone But Me)

Who the fuck is the groom? Who cares, amirite! This is all about you. You’ve been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl, right? RIGHT? You haven’t? Shit. Start over again,


Why I Won't Be Losing Weight For My Wedding

The wedding industrial complex is doing everything in its power to convince me I need to lose weight. And it's taking every ounce of self-will to not let it.


I'm a Feminist and I Want to Get Married. Please Don't Judge Me.

At what point did we decide that we can't have adventure, career success and liberation...but with a ring on it?