If it saves money, and it works, why not? (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

3 Weird Things You Can Use As A Makeup Primer

For a long time, I suspected that primer was a bit of a swizz. Makeup to go under your makeup, you say? Sounds very “Emperor’s New Clothes” to me.

In two days, I am taking my 1 year old on a road trip, and camping with him in the middle of Indiana to listen to a bunch of weird punk bands and hang out with a thousand strangers. Image: Thinkstock.

I'm Taking My 1 Year Old To A Camp-Out Punk Festival

[W]hen tickets went on sale for a DIY punk music festival that my wife had attended several times before we were married, and she lamented that there was “just no way” that she’d be able to go, a light bulb went off in my head. “What if we just all went together?” I said.


Swedish Eels May Hold the Key to Life Everlasting

The media seems to be overlooking the implications of two mega-centenarian eels and their obviously magical well.


Watch: Americans Venture into the World of Japanese Snacks

For all who have wondered about, but never dared try, quizzical Japanese snacks: This one’s for you!


Watch: OK Go Will Blow Your Mind . . . Again!

OK Go music videos always astound, but this fantastic new film for "Writing's on the Wall" tops them all.


The Most Delicious and Disgusting National Foods: World Cup Edition!

As the top teams in the world get ready to compete, we’re pitting their national dishes against each other.


Meet Elena Lenina, the Russian Lady Gaga—And She Doesn't Even Sing

This model, author and TV personality has become the fashion empress of all things weird. And we kind of love her for it.


Taiwan Launches New Sex-Themed Restaurant, We Get Jealous

This gives the line, "I smell sex and candy" a whole new meaning.