Olympians Prove Gravity is (Basically) Nonexistent

"I believe I can fly" crooned R. Kelly back in the good ol' '90s. So we strapped on our jellies and got to it.

Sadly, we can't actually fly (bejeweled jellies or not) – but it seems Olympians can! At least for a few fabulously fleeting moments. (And forget about those costumes, leotards and generally amazing(!) theatrical shenanigans – we're jealous enough OK?!)

Check out this epic-ly awesome gallery highlighting all of those death defying moments that scare the bejeezus out of Olympian moms everywhere.

As always, please, don't try these at home!

Image: http://o.onionstatic.com/images/16/16147/original/700.hq.jpg?2149

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