The Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry Kiss: Smokin' Hot or Super Annoying?

Move over, Madonna and Britney: There's new girl-on-girl pop-culture tonguing captivating America, and this time it involves (surprise surprise!) sledgehammer-licking Miley Cyrus and "I Kissed a Girl and It Made Me Famous" Katy Perry. 

Over the weekend, while performing during a concert, Miley provocatively planted a wet one on Katy, who was watching from the front row. Both ladies feigned shock (Katy actually did seem shocked) as Cyrus scandalized her way into the news cycle yet again.

I'm not here to join the Miley-bashing brigade, but it's hard not to see this pop-starlet tryst as a craven ploy to get the attention of the media and men. And on that level, it's pretty damn annoying.

Here's the thing: Many straight women--one-third in college alone, according to a Psychology of Women Quarterly study--kiss another woman at some point in their lives.  For many, this is a healthy expression of sexual curiosity and exploration (it's been reported that about 60% of women are attracted to other women). But alas, for many more, it's a way to get men hot and bothered.

In that same Psychology of Women Quarterly study, 56% of women reported that they engaged in the activity because they wanted male attention, including "turning on" a boyfriend or generating interest from available guys, followed by wanting to contribute to a fun party atmosphere (43%) and being drunk (42%). Legitimately empowering reasons--female bonding (26%) and sexual experimentation (23%)--lagged as rationales.

Another survey detailed in the American Sociological Association magazine reported similar findings, while sharing this rather sad quote from one of the ladies:

It’s usually brought on by, I don’t know, like shots or drinking or people kind of saying something to like cheer it on or whatever. And it’s usually done in order to turn guys on or to seek male attention in some way.

Is it possible that Miley and Katy kissed each other because they're actually experimenting with bisexual or lesbian tendencies? Sure. It's been reported that Miley, who has kissed other ladies before, is actually bisexual, but seeing as how that "report" came from the tab Life & Style, we're not really buying it. Miley herself has never come right out and said this, which she would have every opportunity to do. Nor, for that matter, has Katy, despite launching her career with an explicit nod to same-sex make-out sessions. Plus, it can't be an accident that this took place in front of thousands of people and many camera-enabled smartphones.

Our verdict: this particular girl-on-girl smooch was a ploy to get attention--a reflection and promotion of the behaviors exhibited at frat parties every weekend. And while this may be all good and well for men, it cheapens and degrades the experience of women who kiss other women because, you know, they actually find it desirable--allowing guys to think lesbian or bisexual behavior is for their pleasure and not the women engaged in it. And this, indeed, is really obnoxious.

So, Miley, please: Stick to grinding up on Robin Thicke and stop kissing girls. Unless, of course, you're actually into that. 

Image: YouTube screenshot

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