Where Nerds and Lust Unite: Techie Sex Club in San Francisco

San Francisco. Nerd. Sex Club. You follow? This isn’t the name of a new B porno, this is an actual facet of start-up culture in San Francisco. Don’t you feel lame for majoring in poli sci now?

Say hello to Mission Control: a members only sex club that is coming up on its 13th birthday. Held in a (giant) private apartment, this club has created a healthy community amongst the young ‘n nerdy ('n horny). The techie mixers -- not every event at Mission Control is aimed for start-up folk -- held here help programmers of all types let loose after hours spent in front of a computer. Mission Control has everything from hardcore stuff (including their “Fungeon," which is –- you guessed it -– a "fun dungeon") to good old fashioned public sex.

It almost seems like the tech field would attract the sex club type, right? I mean, that kinky nerd stereotype exists for a reason. Perhaps not though –- club frequenter Liz thinks that, “it’s more about who’s young and single in the city right now.” Still, Mission Control’s nerd nights bring something unique to the table: the crowd. Member James says, “it's a ton of software engineers. Like a really awkward, nerdy crowd, which is a really funny thing for a sex party."

Think about all the engineers and computer science types you know. Don’t they all seem to have a logical, straightforward method for solving things? It makes sense in that case -- kinky nerdy types wanted a space for sexy mingling, so they created it. Done. Out of curiosity, we asked some seasoned San Franciscans what they thought about the idea.

One woman (who admitted that she had never participated in a sex club) seemed into it. She said it was “hot” to think about “a bunch of smart people f*cking –- they probably connect mentally during their hook-ups too.”

Others tied the idea with the wealthy elite.

“Mmmm, where the Silicon Valley goes to play,” said one.

“Google Glass porn!” laughed another.

It's hard to think about the existence of this club without considering the utter takeover of innovation these days. Sex clubs (in various forms) have existed for hundreds of years, but desktop computers weren't even a thing until the '80s. Now, there are even apps that monitor your sex life.

But, clearly, tech innovation isn't all about the playful and sexy. The tech boom has a dark side too. The rise of tech in San Francisco, for instance, has led to some painful gentrification (especially in the beloved Mission District). Some even fear that culture in San Francisco is dying. Let's hope that Mission Control's hot sweaty nerd sex club vibe keeps SF's crazy awesome eccentricities alive.

Image: courtesy of Flickr

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