Ronald McDonald Gets Demented Bellhop Makeover

Big news on the McDonald’s front: Ronald McDonald, the creepy-ass clown, is finally getting a makeover! Watch this clip to see his transformation into a cloying mascot for the new millennium—and only 13+ years too late! Say goodbye to the Pippy-Longstockings stripes and high-water onesie. Ronald’s trading them in for a similarly disturbing red blazer with a bow tie. And he’s upgraded to high-water pants! Sure, he looks like a demented bell hop, but at least that's better (maybe?) than the infantilized-lunatic look he was formerly (not) rocking.

Sorry: no change to the corpse-like makeup, slick red fro or massive shoes (and you know what they say about massive shoes!). Maybe next time.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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