Watch: Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera Star in Ridiculous/Amazing Throwback Thursday Music Video

Who didn't have a crush on Ricky Martin circa the turn of the 21st century? This luscious Latin man graced the radio waves for all too short a time. Blessedly, he is back with this completely amazing Throwback Thursday video. 

Which video? The one where he crooned with a young Christina Aguilera. Yup, we're talking about "Nobody Wants to be Lonely." And while Christina and Ricky look great and  sound magnificent, it's a hilarious trainwreck of a video that we can't get enough of. The graphics, which no doubt seemed cool at the time, are laughably awful, and the pair's passion for each other is ridiculously feigned. 

Oh, and they're in a castle—a giant castle made of colors that exist only on a computer or during a hallucinogenic drug trip. And what's this? They're separated from each other! Why can't they run across the castle to be together? Alas, an inexplicable force must be keeping them apart. Ricky thrusts his gorgeous body against a wall of shrubs. Christina runs her hands around her teensy self (side note: where can I buy that top?) in utter agony. 

Then, they meet! But for reasons clear to no one, they initially pass through each other like holograms. Really, really bad holograms. Now they're embracing. Is it real? 

Since this collaboration, Ricky and Christina have taken different routes in life. Ricky is a proud papa to twins, who he shares with ex-partner Chris Gonzalez. Christina is a parent too, and—lately—has been making pregnancy look beautiful and sexy.

So yes, this does mean that they don't end up together at the end of the video. Sorry we gave that away.

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