Watch: Ducks Own Epically Adorable DuckTales Recreation

Credit: Oh my Disney YouTube

Credit: Oh my Disney YouTube

The interwebs tend to prize cat videos above all else (except for, of course, porn). But it would seem that today at least, the winds of change are rattling this feline-crested pedestal and the good people of the Internet are agog at a video featuring a new kinda adorable creature—ducks! Even better, they're performing the opening of the old Disney show DuckTales

If you missed out on the show (in which case, I feel sorry for you), DuckTales was a Disney cartoon that ran from 1987 to 1990. Around 1995, it surfaced again in reruns and gained even more popularity. The premise was pretty basic: Donald Duck joined the Navy leaving his three nephews (Hewey, Dewey and Louie) with his uncle Scrooge McDuck. Though like clockwork, every episode found the foursome relishing in various shenanigans that left kiddos in stitches.

Why was this show so special? Beyond the gratuitous images of Scrooge McDuck swimming in mounds of gold coins, DuckTales made some solid cultural references for a children's show. One episode was devoted to Shakespearen quotes. Another focused on Greek mythologyOh the knowledge that was dropped!

While this was cool for kids that wanted to sound smarter than their peers—hey, peer pressure at the sandbox is rough—it was also fun for the adults who were forced to watch. In fact, if you need a kid-friendly show in your life that doesn't revolve around giant-eyed ponies of unnatural colors, definitely dive into some DuckTales

Until then, enjoy this crazy/awesome video. Cats, watch out: you have some internet competition now.

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