Oreo Thins, Oreo Lies

A crime against mankind is happening as we speak, and you may not even be aware of it. Nabisco has announced this new Oreo "cookie." Where cookie = lie. This so-called "thin" cookie is a disgrace to cookies everywhere. It's 7 millimeters thick (er, thin) which just tells me that it's not a cookie at all. It's a cracker. A cookie in cracker clothing.

If you're going to eat a cookie, just eat a cookie. This nonsense is just a waste of precious time. 

We Ravishly staffers are a diverse group of women, who have varied backgrounds, lifestyles, and opinions. But when it comes to the blessed Oreo, we are united. I would post the conversation we just had, but there are a LOT of F words in it. The consensus is, as you may have deduced, NO.

What would Cookie Monster say about this? I'll tell you what he would say, he would say, "Me want cookie. Real cookie. And remember, eat the cookie. LOVE THE COOKIE." They don't have to be double stuf'd, but they better not be thin.


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