"Can't Shoot A Rainbow/Love is Louder": A Song To Benefit The Victims Of The Orlando Shooting And Their Families

"Within this song there is defiance, empowerment and hope." Image: Halcyon.

"Within this song there is defiance, empowerment and hope." Image: Halcyon.

I am so pleased to offer this piece of music from one of my favorite humans (incidentally, my cousin): Deb Hunseder, a musician who has performed at Pulse.

Deb, a member of the band Halcyon, has collaborated with other Florida musicians to offer this song as a tribute and benefit to those whose lives were changed forever in that Orlando night club.

The song is a free download for all. If you'd like to make a donation to benefit the victims and their families, you may do so via the “download” link below.

From Deb:

I had to do something. The hurt, confusion and pain I felt for my community and fellow humans was overwhelming. So I did what I do best when I have to process something difficult: I wrote a song. Within this song there is defiance, empowerment and hope.

I’m Deb Hunseder, and since 1989, Stephanie Callahan and I have performed as Halcyon.

We are musicians who have played at the Pulse Nightclub. We’ve done many gigs in the Orlando area since the 1990’s and are familiar with many members and performers of the Orlando LGBT Community.

Tampa Bay/Ft. Lauderdale area musicians came together without hesitation to get this recorded ASAP. We all accomplished this in 2 days! The studio time was generously donated by owners Jeanette Goldman and Jody Gray of Pro Star Recording Studio & Video Services in St. Petersburg, FL. They have a personal connection with singer Shane Tomlinson who was killed at Pulse.

The song is FREE for everyone! Those who choose to download and donate will know that ALL proceeds go the Equality Florida Victims Fund. Love is and will always be LOUDER.

All time and talent donated by:

Stephanie Callahan (Halcyon, The Cheaters), Sandi Grecco, (Halcyon, The Cheaters), Jody Gray, Jeanette Goldman, (ProStar Studio), Deb Hunseder, (Halcyon) Kelly Neff, Lisa Noe, Jack Shawde & Diane Ward (Diane Ward Band, et al.) Members of Crescendo, Renee Cossette, Carla Eastridge, Kim Fridie, Cynthia Gonzalez, Barbara Lane, Katie Michael, Gina Poole.

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