The Mundane Magick Of Crystals And Gemstones

Magick Of Crystals And Gemstones. Image: Mariah Sharp @MightyMooseArt

Magick Of Crystals And Gemstones. Image: Mariah Sharp @MightyMooseArt

We witches have a secret weapon: the Earth. We know it holds a massive amount of power, and that power is concentrated in the things the earth produces — like minerals, crystals, and gemstones. For us, every one of them has its own set of properties that relate to something we’re working toward or want to remember. The materials are capable of storing huge reservoirs of energy, and can transmit that energy to a specific place. They amplify our intent, heal, communicate, and tell us of the future. Basically, crystals and gemstones are a vital part of a witch’s practice.

But you don’t have to be a witch to enjoy the benefits crystals and gemstones can bring into your life. Just have a little faith and see what can happen. Here are ten of my favorites and how to use them.

Tiger’s Eye

Properties: Tiger’s Eye is particularly useful when someone needs an extra bit of bravery, protection or personal power. It holds both the power of the sun and earth, so it gives you an extra oomph while keeping you grounded and focused.

How to Use: Place the stone anywhere you want to be extra protected, like at your front door or in your child’s room. Wear a piece on a pendant anytime you need to be assertive or brave; it will help give you that power while also keeping your emotions in check.


Properties: Depending on which type of Quartz you’re using, the end result can vary. Rose Quartz, for example, is a symbol of love, while clear Quartz amplifies your intent and enhances psychic powers. Quartz is also used widely in healing spells and is known as the “Master Healer.”

How to Use: Quartz takes in energy pretty quickly, so cleanse it before you use it. Either put it in the moonlight or in a bowl of rock salt overnight. Use the stone to focus your intent. If you want to clear your mind and easily understand a premonition you might be having, for example, rub the Quartz just above the spot between your eyebrows. You can also keep one by your computer to absorb any stray electromagnetic frequencies, or use it in meditation to help calm your mind.


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Properties: Malachite’s green color makes it particularly useful for monetary purposes or prosperity of other types. It’s also a great healing stone, used to boost immunity and, for those who deal with motion sickness, relive vertigo. It has protection properties as well, especially when traveling.

How to Use: Like Quartz, malachite does a great job of absorbing energy and needs to be cleansed periodically to make sure it’s still at max potential. Place a stone in an eastern location in your home to promote health, and in a southeast spot to usher in prosperity. Wear it on a pendant to help ease vertigo and gain travel protection — you can even just hold a piece in your hand like a worry stone to get the same effects.


Properties: If you want some extra mental clarity, selenite is the stone for you. It’s best used for clearing your mind, focusing your energy, helping you become more self-aware and introspective, and enhancing psychic energy. It’s a calming stone, and clears away negative energy.

How to Use: Put selenite throughout your home to create a peaceful atmosphere in each room. A piece next to your bed will ensure a restful night’s sleep and may even give prophetic dreams. For enhanced clarity and insight, carry a piece with you. A word to the wise with selenite: don’t soak it in water or let it stay wet for an extended period of time; the stone will dissolve.


Properties: The mirrored surface of this stone is indicative of how it works. Empaths (people who take on the energy and emotions of others) use hematite to reflect that energy away from them. Hematite is also one of the main stones used for grounding and centering yourself.

How to Use: Hematite is made from iron, so it can be helpful to carry a piece around if you have blood pressure issues; the iron should help regulate heart flow. Sleep with a piece under your pillow to ease stress, and carry a piece with you at all times to avoid the empath effect and stay emotionally sound.


Properties: The swirling colors within agate determine the best use for it. Blue is for healing, red energizes, green refreshes. Water and air are represented in the stone — water for the wavy hues and air for the translucence between the colors.

How to Use: Be sure to pick the proper agate for the end result you want. Place a stone in the eastern part of your house to attract health, the southeast for wealth, and the southwest for love. Agate is also an ever-present stone on jewelry, so it’s easy to carry around as needed.


Properties: Citrine is far and away the best stone for manifestation. It draws your desires to it and transmits that right into you. The stone also acts as a guide, helping you through moments of change.

How to Use: Short of wearing citrine every day somewhere on your body (which is the best way to get all its benefits), place some throughout your house. Whenever you walk by, pick it up, focus on what you want most or what knowledge you need to receive, and take a few deep, slow breaths. You’ll find what you seek will come to you much easier.


Properties: In many Asian cultures, jade is a symbol of luck, purity, and serenity. It’s used for those properties as well as protection and harmony.

How to Use: Jade works for both decoration and magickal purposes. If you have a totem animal, buy a piece carved into that animal and carry it with you. Place it around your house for protection and wear it constantly for health benefits. If you’re swollen anywhere, it’s been said that holding a piece of jade on the spot will help reduce the swelling.


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