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What Teaching Taught Me About Empathy

And then I did what some people might consider unprofessional: I opened up to them as well. I struggle with a variety of mental health conditions. Read...
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Here’s What It’s Really Like To Have OCD

People just don’t get OCD. OCD is a well-recognized mental illness which affects roughly 1-2% of the population. Yet, it remains badly misunderstood. Read...
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How Meditation Uncovered The Mystery Behind My Triggers​

Meditation became a way to be with myself. No judgment. No right or wrong reflections. I became an observer, a witness to my thoughts. Read...
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How Social Media Made My Holiday Season Depression So Much Worse

I soon realized that admiring everyone’s seemingly perfect life was making me spiral into a pit of holiday season depression and I couldn't climb out. Read...
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Why Parents Feel Uncomfortable Talking About Post-Adoption Depression

PADS, or post-adoption depression syndrome, is a real thing, but why do so few parents know about it and suffer their feelings alone? Read...
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A Moment For A Man, A Lifetime For His Victim

My story does have a happy ending. Still, I’ll never forget. We survivors live every day with complicated consequences. Our assaulters do not. Read...
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When Getting Out Of Bed Feels Like Climbing A Mountain

I forced myself out the door that morning for a run - depression had sucked the life and determination from my mind and body. Read...
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If therapy meant talking about my feelings, that meant I had no other choice except to dress up the truth.

I Compulsively Lied To My Shrink Because I Was Afraid Of Boring Her

If therapy meant talking about my feelings, that meant I had no other choice except to dress up the truth. I compulsively lied to my shrink. Read...
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