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This Mother's Day Let's Stop Treating Emotional Labor Like Extra-Credit Work For Men 

...[M]en get a lot of praise for the “extra-credit work” they do in regards to domestic labor (the actual house cleaning and keeping work) and Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   05.9.19   |   SHARE
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My Friend-With-Benefits Isn’t Even My Friend

I call him by his full first name. Not the nickname his friends call him; that’s too familiar. He’s not a friend-with-benefits because he’s not my Read...
Lira Kellerman    |   04.25.19   |   SHARE
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How To Cope If Chronic Illness Is Harming Your Relationship Or Love Life

Even if your body is weak from cancer, chronic illness, or injury, you can cultivate a strong love. Read...
Kimberly Pryor Wilkes of Your Tango    |   04.23.19   |   SHARE
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11 Subtle Signs You’ve Given Up Trying In Your Relationship

Researchers say that the average relationship hits the ‘comfort zone’ phase after 11 months and 24 days. Read...
Elizabeth Laura Nelson    |   04.17.19   |   SHARE
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Cleaning Up After Your Husband Is Not A "Blessing"

Last week, the internet went into an understandable uproar when a Christian woman decided to take to Facebook to talk about how she is Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   04.11.19   |   SHARE
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How Name-Calling Damages Your Relationship

Name-Calling Hurts Your Partner. And You. And Your Relationship. Read...
Gary McClain of The Good Men Project    |   04.10.19   |   SHARE
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5 Things I've Learned Dating In My 30s

Dating in my 30’s is not like dating in my 20’s in several ways. Read...
Leolin Bowen    |   04.9.19   |   SHARE
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6 Signs Your Partner Is A Manipulative Person

Being manipulative is so entrenched in my personality, I’m often unaware I’m even doing it until the dust has settled. Read...
Nadia Bokody of SHESAID    |   03.13.19   |   SHARE
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