Alexa Takes It Back

"I would tell my 10 years younger self to not take things too seriously and be happy with what I have. What's funny — this is like super personal lady stuff — I don't remember what I looked like naked back then! And ever since I went through puberty, I've always had issues with my body. I've always been this height — 5'9" — since I was 12 years old. So I always felt like I was too big and not petite. I developed early, and I'm sure if I looked at myself now, back then, I would have been like, "You're gorgeous, what's the problem?" So I think I would tell myself back then to just be happy with what I've got because it's awesome — and to have no fear. It's impossible to absolutely have no fear, but I think... once you start thinking through your fear and anxiety, then that stuff starts to evaporate."


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