Amanda Learns To Code

"I'm thinking about a career transition. I've been teaching a lot of fitness lately, and I'm kind of interested in moving into something a little bit more lucrative, so I'm learning how to code. It was actually really random — my husband is a tech geek guy, so for his job he had to do an hour of teaching someone else code. I was kind of hesitant — I didn't really want to do it. But it ended up being really, really different than I thought — it was actually really cool! I kind of just latched on and kept going with it. The first thing I learned was writing my name in bubbles, and the bubbles would pop! It was just kind of silly! [laughs]

"It took off from there — I learned circles and other random stuff and now I'm doing free code camp online. It's moving me through HTML 5 and CSS and now I'm learning Javascript, which is a little bit challenging, but cool in that respect. I like learning foreign languages, so this is kind of like learning a new language. It has that feeling, so it really is kind of a nice in-route that way."


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