Dorell Is Going With Her Gut

That's what's really hard for us as humans — staying in an intuitive flow. I don't know why, but it is. I mean, me being a labor and delivery nurse, I see this every day in women. They give birth and they try to become animals, but they're held back because of their minds. Their bodies become animals when they give birth because their amygdala activates and all the old memories come back. This is what you learn when you help women give birth. Women know how to give birth. If you let them, they do it exquisitely and without fear. But the problem is, we have so many barriers in our system, so often fear comes through their doctors, their family, and through their brain because once they have pain they have fear. It's normal, we're human, but the women I see who do it really well, they don't allow the brain to intercept and they just keep flowing in their primal energy. So in a way I'm using that as a phenomena to remind myself that I also have that instinct. Sometimes I get lost and I get very analytical, so I have to leave that. Intuition is not in your brain, it's in your heart and your gut. And we're not used to listening to our bodies. We ignore our bodies. Again, earth has taught me a lot in seven years. It's been my best teacher! [laughs]


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