Jamie Bogaards Shares Her SHEro

Right now my SHEro would be this woman who's an aerial instructor from Teatro ZinZanni. The work she's doing is so cool and crafty. I just started doing aerial work, it's a really fun passion-project side thing. So right now, just seeing what these strong women are doing. Even my instructors — they're just so strong! They're talking while they're doing these flips in the air and acting so nonchalant and I'm doing it and it's hard! It takes so much energy! I climb up the rope and I'm done for like 5 minutes. Anyone who can do that for a living and fulfill themselves and be in their happy place. It's not easy to do. I've been there  it's challenging, money-wise, and on your body. But you do it because you love it and I think that's really inspiring. There're all these older people in my class too I walked in and I feel bad because at first I was judging them like, what's this person gonna do? This is hard stuff! And then they go and do it and they're kicking ass!

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