Shavon Moore

What are you up to today?
I'm going to go meet up with my friend, I just got out of school — I go to Oakland School of the Arts. Basically I'm just chillin' makin' music!

What kind of music?
Like Erykah Badu, neo-soul type music.

What is your most important goal right now?
My most important goal is graduating high school and getting into college. I want to be able to prove to the youth of my community that they can go to college no matter what circumstances they're going through. It's particularly tough right now — I have a lot of things I have to do, like college applications and all that, but you know I'm pushing through it!

What are your three must-see movies?
One is The Perfect Guy — because it has two cute guys in it, and the beautiful Sanaa Lathan in it. It's new out, so it's fun to watch. My other favorite is Phantom of the Opera, and my other favorite movie is Their Eyes Were Watching God, which is based off of a book. I love Phantom of the Opera because when I was little I always loved singing, and when I saw that I got into opera, so that was new to me. I never really listened to opera. And I loved the whole story — I love mysteries and thrillers. With Their Eyes Were Watching God, that's one of my favorite movies too, because it describes me basically. Being out in the world, free, finding my own journey at a young age, seeing where life takes me, where love goes.

Give a shout out to the person that makes you laugh the hardest, or that you're most grateful for.
Shout out to my mom. She's the strongest person I've ever known. She pushes me toward my music because she's always been there for me and my goals and passions. She also fought through cancer. 

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