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Dear CoverGirl: Replace James Charles With One Of These #BeautyBoys

Thursday afternoon, CoverGirl Ambassador James Charles sent out a racist tweet. Why is this problematic? Because of the unrelenting negative stereotypes associated with the continent of Africa. The company should replace Charles with one of the amazing #BeautyBoys of color out there.

Everyone's gotta say sorry sometimes. (Image Credit: Flickr / The Wandering Faun)

5 Steps To Giving A Sincere Apology

Everyone messes up, so you can bank on future opportunities to apologize. When the time comes for owning up to your own mistakes, these tips will help ensure you make the most of making amends.


It's 2014 and YOLO Is Still Bringing Us Down (In More Ways than the Mere Degradation of Language)

The Millennial Generation has been called every variation of lazy ingrate that the Baby Boomers and Generation X-ers could think of. And with YOLO as a point of reference, who could blame them?