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One human to another, we can keep the focus on compassion and empathy.

Can Empathy And Compassion Stop The World From Heading For A Train Wreck?

Yes! We can apply the brakes and switch tracks by focusing on compassion and empathy.


#RavsRadar: Michelle Obama Is Writing A Book & We Are Freaking Out

Michelle Obama is writing a book!!!!!!!!

It’s not that difficult. Image: Shutterstock.

Calling All Men! 5 Ways You Can Be A Feminist At Work

All men at work benefit from what Australian sociologist Raewyn Connell has named the “patriarchal dividend.” This is the unearned social or professional capital that men accrue. [...] This dividend doesn’t just happen — it has to be reproduced and maintained for future generations. If men recognise this and take responsibility for it, then we can start to make positive changes to workplaces.

"Ending campus sexual assault: that would be a legacy to be proud of, indeed."

President Obama Is Literally Not Here For Campus Sexual Assault

President Obama is not here for campus sexual assault. Literally.

He makes it nearly impossible to not acknowledge American hypocrisy. Image: The Good Men Project.

Contradictions In The United States Of Amnesia: Why A Black Man Can Love Donald Drumpf

The danger of submitting to the false patriotic tranquility of the United States of Amnesia is Donald Drumpf. He reminds us that the United States of Amnesia is one of the most peacefully violent countries in existence, not only politically, but economically, socially, psychologically, and spiritually.

That, my friends, is the face of #done.

Barack Obama To Visit Mosque, FoxNews To Sling Mud About It

President Obama plans to visit a mosque in Baltimore, MD. He’s going there to speak about the problems associated with global anti-Islamic bigotry and to promote religious tolerance. He delivered a similar message about anti-Semitism at the Israeli embassy last week.

A not-so-unlikely source of conversation inspiration.

5 Conversational Strategies I’ve Learned From Marc Maron

1. If you want vulnerability and honesty from the other person, YOU have to be honest and vulnerable. This is probably the singular reason WTF has been so wildly successful: the interviews/conversations are beautifully real and raw and honest. Guests reveal secrets, fears, and sadness. They open up about tough topics, often prefacing with, “I’ve never talked about this publicly before.” Marc draws out that raw honesty because he’s willing to be raw and honest himself.

Courtesy of Legal Times

Meet The U.S. Department Of Justice's Fierce New Civil Rights Leader: Vanita Gupta

You've been dying to know who would take over the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice of the US, amiright?