black history

The liberation of Black Americans from physical chains is deeply intertwined with the modern chains of today.

The Importance Of Teaching My Son About Juneteenth In Trump's America

By educating my son on Juneteenth, I am able to make it clear to him that we may live in a nation that wasn’t established with us in mind, but we continue to find freedom anyway.

Betsy DeVos does not understand black history when it comes to higher education. At all. (

#RavsRadar: Betsy DeVos, Please Learn The Actual History About HBCUs

Pop quiz time! What was the impetus for the founding of historically black universities and colleges (HBUCs)?


The BET Awards: What Jesse Williams Wants You To Know

He opened his mouth and time stood still. My pulse quickened. My heart raced. My eyes filled with tears. And I. WAS. PROUD.


3 Must-Read Books About Black History

Black History Month just ended—but that doesn't mean we should shelve books providing this essential education.


Happy Belated Birthday, Dr. King! Love, Your Not-So-Subtly Racist Pal, Woolite

Dark skin Black girl. Black dress. Tagline: For the Love of Darks. We see you Woolite. Your blithe ignorance is keeping racism alive.