The reason I love and respect the women of the show is their openness and hilariousness about sex. Image: MTV UK.

The Girls Of Geordie Shore: Unlikely Paragons Of Sex Positivity

Many criticize Geordie Shore as entertainment in its lowest form: fights, drinking, people falling over, nudity, swearing, and “bucking” (sexual intercourse). Yet, to me, it is so much more than that. As a fully qualified human woman, I can’t help myself analyzing the show through feminist-tinted glasses. The decisions and attitudes of the “family” represent, to me, a new kind of feminism.


Stop The Presses: Prince Harry Doesn't Like Selfies (But Here's Some Celebs Who Do. And Do It Right.)

 Well, it looks like Kim Kardashian and Prince Harry will never date.


Did Sesame Street Just Predict The End Of House of Cards?

Holy Cookie Monster! Sesame Street just turned House of Cards into a fable worthy of Aesop. 

Can we send flowers to her? Credit: YouTube

Watch: Pregnant Protester Takes Down Anti-Abortionists

"You don't know why people are doing what they're doing . . . I think this is so wrong, on so many levels."


Watch: British Comedy Duo—Men in Blazers—Ease Your Soccer Sorrow

The U.S. is out of the tournament, but we’ve got some World Cup goofage to help lighten your miserable mood.


High on History: What Major World War I Event Were the Brits Caught Fibbing About?

Germany was dastardly, but government documents reveal Great Britain may share some of the blame in the sinking of the Lusitania.


Yes, Pregnancy Addiction is Real and Yes, We're Frightened

One woman loves pregnancy so much, she wants to rent her womb to fetuses until her "womb falls out." Welcome to pregnancy addiction.


High on History: Brits Thought Reagan Was a Bumbling "Bozo"

Sorry, Fox News! Declassified documents reveal what the Thatcher administration really thought of our supposedly beloved 40th president.