Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I take this journey of self-love and discovery one day at a time. Image: Thinkstock.

On Navigating My Attraction To Whiteness As A Black Woman

Honoring my feelings and being true to myself are just as important to me as being critical of the ways that a multiply-oppressive society manifests itself in the way I date, love, and desire.


Veronica Moreno: Operations Coordinator, Buffy Fan

Spotted: Hanging out with a friend in Jack London Square, Oakland


TV's 10 Best Original Songs

Sing along with our favorite ditties from Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Futurama and more. TGIF!

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Felicia Day's Doxxing Proves GamerGate Will Spare No One (If She Is A Woman)

As a voice and creator within the "geek community," Felicia Day spoke out about her fear of being doxxed . . . and was promptly doxxed.

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90's Revival Mania! Is It About More Than Just Style?

You say you want a revolution? We're having a nineties reboot . . . with the spirit of the sixties seeping in.