Founders Jen Jones & Cynthia Hornig

Meet The Minds Behind The Crowdfunding Site Made By Women, For Women

Any woman living in the United States can submit a campaign for consideration. The team reviews the application and works with the campaign creator to put her story forward in the most compelling way.

You'll become so engrossed in what you're doing and happy to be doing it that you will wonder why you didn’t do this last year! Image: Thinkstock.

7 Easy, Inexpensive Ways To Brand Your New Business

Branding your new business doesn't have to require a lot of capital or stress! Here are seven easy ways to build up your new enterprise.

Credit: Factmag

Jay-Z’s TIDAL: How Could A Music Genius Become So Tone Deaf?

Long story short, TIDAL is an expensive Spotify that is majority owned by the artists.


My Reunion With Prague 16 Years After First Visiting—And What It Taught Me About Myself   

As Prague and I get reacquainted with each other, I notice with interest how the lens of a 26 year-old varies from that of a 41 year-old.

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No, The Glass Ceiling Is Not Women's Fault

A new Business Insider piece blames women for the corporate-world gender gap. Why are we not surprised?


Startup in Crisis? Get Couples Counseling!

Trend alert: Couples counseling . . . for startup business partners. Do it. It's all the rage in Tech Mecca. 


Victory! Founder Of Despicable Revenge Porn Site Is Heading To Jail

We are one laceration closer to slaying the beast that is revenge porn! 


"Achieving The American Dream Is Hard": How One Nonprofit Is Helping Underserved Women "Move Up"

Even the privileged struggle. But what if you’re new to the American system? Or stuck in an abusive marriage? What if you have children to support?