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I'm A Black Woman & I Am More Than My Butt

Black women seem only to be valued for our parts, not our whole selves. The over-sexualization of our bodies has a long history and has been reinforced by harmful stereotypes across all forms of media. We battle with those stereotypes every time we step outside. Read...
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I Have A Mom Butt — And It's OK

The Mom Butt is a little wider, a little flatter and a little longer than the butts on the totally dedicated and amazing women on Pinterest (mad props to them, seriously).


Watch: Fitness Blogger Takes On Photoshop, Body Image, And Trolls

Are you 100% happy with your body? I'm not.

Alright, cast your vote already! Courtesy of Lesbian Gay Whisperer

Russian Butt Pageant Quietly Undermines Putin's Anti-Gay Agenda

Kelly, can you handle it? Michelle, can you handle it? Vladimir Putin can you handle it?


Kim Kardashian's Photoshopping Ways Send Dangerous Message To Daughter

Naya Rivera was right; as a mom, Kim shouldn't have stripped down naked for Paper. But not for the reason you think.

Don't worry, it's not THAT bad. (Credit: ThinkStock)

The Good, Bad And Very, Very Ugly Of The Post-Birth Body

When you push a small human out of your body, things tend to get a little weird.


Spider-Woman Makes Bootylicious, Misogynistic Debut

The latest female superhero is little more than sexually objectified eye candy. Are we surprised?


New Airbnb Logo is Just the Beginning: 4 Hilarious Designs for Dirty Minds

Who says you can't be an immature idiot?