At the time, no one could tell me why I was suddenly visiting the ER on a monthly basis. Image: Thinkstock

Having A Rough Childhood Can Affect Your Health As An Adult

Prescribe, refer, repeat — that was the drill for several years. It wasn’t until I started to explore the impact of childhood adversity that I saw the big picture, and it began to make sense.

It’s possible that the use of IUDs and other long-acting reliable contraceptives (LARCs) may be contributing to a rise in the sexually transmitted infection rate.

IUDs Aren't Exactly The Best, Follow-Up Study Shows

There’s been good news on the unintended pregnancy rate lately, what with Guttmacher Institute suggesting that the rise of IUDs is leading to a decline in unintended pregnancies. But the news, it turns out, isn’t all good.

She had lived a long time, but constant fear had governed her life.

What My Grandmother Taught Me About Fear Culture

Perhaps more than other cultures, America is obsessed with the illusion that if we prepare, we can avoid. Instead of learning to be resilient and cope with hardship, we drive ourselves dangerously close to madness trying to come up with ways to prevent catastrophes.

The occasional drink helped keep my stress levels low — and ultimately it contributed to a healthier pregnancy for me. Image: WeHeartIt.

Why I Drank While I Was Pregnant

I went on to drink a small glass of wine or two per week throughout my pregnancy once I got over the initial shock of it being unplanned. Once I had adjusted to the fact that I was going to bring another baby into the world, I was still overwhelmed by the stress it brought on. I had suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of my son and we had decided not to have any more children. I didn't want the risks or the horrible anxiety that came with pregnancy. Yet here I was, facing all that uncertainty again. Damn right I needed a drink.

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16 Days Of Activism: Inside 3 State Programs Confronting Rape Culture 

Here's how Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Programs in Colorado, California and Connecticut are addressing sexual violence.


Button Your Fly: Ebola Virus Can Live For Three Months In Semen

WHO is warning against making whoopie with a previously infected man.


There Goes The Neighborhood: Ebola Found In The U.S.

The CDC insists the risk for the U.S. is "very low," but this epidemic is the largest in history and marks the first Ebola epidemic the world has ever known.

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CDC Finds That 1 in 5 Women Are Raped; Men's Rights Activists Cry 'Rape Hysteria' 

The CDC just released the statistic, again, that 20% of women are raped in their lifetimes. Cue the accusations of militant man-hating.