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Wonder Woman is the hero so many women and girls have been waiting for their whole lives.

8 Inspiring Wonder Woman Moments That Will Change Hollywood Forever

There are about a zillion things I could say about what Patty Jenkins was able to accomplish with this movie, but for now I just want to touch on a few of the singular aspects of this film that were game-changers for all of Hollywood (and kids everywhere).

San Diego Comic Con (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Inside The Fight Against Sexual Harassment At Comicons

The comics industry has prioritized the comfort of its privileged class over the safety of its outliers, making it easy to ice out women who speak up.


Spider-Woman Makes Bootylicious, Misogynistic Debut

The latest female superhero is little more than sexually objectified eye candy. Are we surprised?


Not Your Grandma’s Hindu Gods

A new wave of graphic novels gives Hindu deities a modern super hero makeover. Savvy progression, or insult to heritage?


From Betty Boop to Wonder Woman: A Retro Slideshow of Female Ephemera

Amazing vintage art, ads and comics books courtesy of Fawcett's Antique Toy Museum in Waldoboro, Maine. You are so welcome. #TBT


Genderbending Superhero Style: Celebrating Marvel's Female Thor

Marvel's new female Thor promises to kick ass and gender-role assumptions. Don't mess with a woman wielding a magic hammer!


The Sexist Drivel of X-Men: Why Can't Women in Comic Book Films Catch a Break?

Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique is a misogynistic stereotype that's been trotted out in comic book films ad nauseam.


Comic Books: Not Just for White Dudes Anymore

Comic book heroes are part of an American tradition that spans across age, community, and social subcultures. But let’s be real.