"I spent quite a few of my preteen and early teen years enjoying taking pictures. But because of the combination of racism, fat antagonism, and lookism, I wasn’t always comfortable getting in front of the camera." Image: Thinkstock

The Right To Be Ugly: How Lookism Affects My Ability To Be Carefree

[W]hy must the acknowledgment of my beauty be predicated on how well and how often I contort to attempt to fit into some kind of ideal? Why can’t I be all the iterations of me and still be beautiful?

She IS beautiful.

Why Saying “You Look Gorgeous” Is Not Helping The Body Image War

As we move forward in this body image war that plagues so much of our country, how amazing would it be if we showed up to an event and someone told us that we are stunning, instead of how we look stunning?

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How Not To Take A Compliment

"Cute dress!" "This? I literally found it in a dumpster behind Baja Fresh."


Watch: Pantene's Pandering Ad Asks Women to Stop Saying Sorry

Pantene tries to leverage the whole "I'm sorry" phenom and ends up mocking the whole female gender. Are we sorry for this post? Nope!