Watch: Pantene's Pandering Ad Asks Women to Stop Saying Sorry

It's no secret that women love themselves some "sorry." Have to run to the restroom? Sorry! Got something to say at a business meeting? Sorry! Hell, we even say it when it's the other person who should be mea culpa-ing. Somebody runs into you on a crowded street? Sorry!

It's little wonder, then, that ladies are all over this trending ad by Pantene, which cleverly calls out all that incessant apologizing—asking women instead to (but of course!) "shine."

That said, it's pretty strange (and sad) that this (ostensibly) empowering message is shrouded in an ad for hair care.  What the hell does inner strength have to do with overpriced shampoo and conditioner? And does this mean women should be sorry for having less-than-luscious locks? The video is also more than a little slick, not to mention pandering.

For that reason, let us guide you instead to this clip by comedian Amy Schumer that pokes fun at extreme self-deprecation, sorry's bedfellow in female self-loathing. It's funny, frank and willing to challenge women on a level that goes beyond "Stop saying sorry, ladies, and shine instead!" (Aw! Gag.)

Yup. I'm gonna go ahead and say it: sorry, not sorry.

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