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Are People You Meet On The Internet Really More Dangerous Than In Real Life?

What's more dangerous — meeting people on the Internet or meeting people in real life?

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The Story Behind The Breastfeeding Photo That Pissed Off The Internet

What is it like being boob shamed and tattoo shamed 20 years after the fact?


That Time I Accidentally Slept With A Pimp

It always fascinates me when men feel perfectly OK telling me they are violent and abusive. What are they even thinking? At the same time, I know it’s a test and though he’s acting casual, he’s waiting to see how I react to the idea of violence; of being afraid of a man I’ve just had sex with.


Study Says Homeopathy Is Not Legit

Homeopathy has long been championed by vocal proponents—yet its treatments have been

Naughty, naughty boy. You like baseball bats? (Credit: ThinkStock)

Relax, Ladies: Woman-On-Top Sex Is Not The "Most Dangerous" Position

Why would we ever want to stop doing this . . . ?

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CeeLo Green: The Dangers Of Rape Justification

I see you writing nasty tweets, and, I'm like, fuck you. Ooh ooh ooh!


Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches Don’t Melt in the Sun, And That’s OK

Sure it seems like an unholy act against nature, but it turns out the chemistry involved here is nothing to worry about.


Watch the World’s Most Dangerous Intersection

Maybe there’s some kind of method to the madness in this Ethiopian intersection, but it looks post-apocalyptic. Are stop signs and traffic signals just infrastructural overkill?