Tara Burns

Tara Burns


Tara Burns lives in Alaska, where she’s a board member of the Community United for Safety and Protection.  She’s the author of the Whore Diaries series, and has written about sex work issues for AlterNet, VICE, The New Inquiry, and others.  When she isn’t writing and lobbying, she’s making public records requests at the cutting edge of research by the people and for the people.

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That Time I Accidentally Slept With A Pimp

It always fascinates me when men feel perfectly OK telling me they are violent and abusive. What are they even thinking? At the same time, I know it’s a test and though he’s acting casual, he’s waiting to see how I react to the idea of violence; of being afraid of a man I’ve just had sex with.


Zola And The Reality Of Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking in real life and the court room is so different from sex trafficking on TV that no one even recognizes it. You’re reading this story, and there’s humor and drama and suspense and the people are just regular people.

Many sex workers seek protection, not the eradication of their industry.

Amnesty International And The Decriminalization Of Consenting Sex Work

"He had no intention of being a client, though. He’d come to rape me, and he said that if I screamed or struggled he would tell the police and the hotel that I was a prostitute."

Margaret Cho instagram screenshot

Sex Work And The Rage of Margaret Cho

Yesterday was day 8 of Margaret Cho’s 12 Days of Rage, and she posted a YouTube video about t

It's time.

A Prisoner Dead: It's Time For Alaska's Correction Reform

I wondered what the difference in treatment would be between a white man accused of assaulting an Alaska Native woman and that same Alaska Native woman accused of nonviolent criminal mischief.