The nuclear option is definitely on the table for SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch. (Image Credit: The White House via Wikimedia Commons)

#RavsRadar: Mitch McConnell Is About To Go 'Weird Pro' To Confirm Neil Gorsuch

Buckle up folks, the Senate Democrats just announced they have enough members opposing confirmation of

"Sarah McBride, 25, is the national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign." Image:

This Badass Woman Is Breaking Barriers At The Democratic Convention

If you tune in to the Democratic National Convention today, you’ll see history being made. No, not the nomination of the first female candidate for a major party. You’ll see the first appearance of an out transgender person at a major party convention.


This Bill Might Finally Put An End To Revenge Porn

The phenomenon of people distributing sexual images of videos of others without their consent is horrifying and life-destroying for victims, who often have no legal recourse.

In the mainstream US media, there will be no coverage of the April statement by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to the UN Security Council on Israel. Image: Kate Ausburn/Flickr.

Why We Can't Hide From The Psychological And Emotional Trauma Of The Israeli Occupation On Palestinians

Lives lived encaged by the Occupation produce — says UN Secretary General Ban [Ki-moon] — “fear, humiliation, frustration and mistrust. It has been fed by the wounds of decades of bloody conflict, which will take a long time to heal. Palestinian youth in particular are tired of broken promises and they see no light at the end of the tunnel.”

“All it can take is pissing off one billionaire on Wall Street to make it difficult.” Image: Edward Kimmel/Flickr.

Major Wall Street Donors Threaten To Pull Support For Clinton If Warren Is Named VP

A new report by Politico’s Ben White reveals major donors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign may revoke their support of the candidate if she chooses Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as her running mate for the general election.

Settling for less than what you want or know you deserve sucks. However, in some cases, it’s absolutely necessary.

5 Things To Keep In Mind If You're 'Bernie Or Bust'

I wholeheartedly agree with Sanders’ supporters’ main talking point that it’s high time for the current political system and its lack of inclusiveness to be overturned.... On the other hand, since Clinton has so alienated a third of Sanders’ progressive base, it’s high time for her to rethink some things, too. Who knows, maybe challenging her to move to the left on certain issues could be even more productive than shaming the “Bernie or Bust” faction.

Remain calm, everybody. Delgates got this.

Why Nominating A Primary Candidate Is NOT A Democratic Process

Watching recent cable news talking heads chat about the prospect of Trump/Cruz/Clinton/Sanders being “denied” the Republican/Democratic nomination, you would think that entertainment media is run by 5th graders. (Although... That WOULD explain a lot.)


Study Shows Conservatives Are More Easily Grossed-Out Than Liberals

Political affiliation is rooted in some very strange, and very interesting, neuroscience.