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Take The Cake: “Polite” Fatphobia Is Actually More Damaging   

So as you can see, “polite” bigotry is just bigotry. It's manipulative. It's aggressive. And it hurts people. Speak up against polite fatphobia!

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What Is A Ketogenic Diet? And Should You Try It?

By changing the way our bodies process energy, we can often change the way our bodies function. If we can stop the pancreas from freaking out, we can change everything.

Activity Inequality study From Stanford

'Activity Inequality': What Is It? Is It Making Us Fat? Study From Stanford Blows Some Minds

I can boil all of this down for you real quick: Walk. More. Daily. As much as you can.

"Dogs, as we all know, are awesome." Image: Instagram.com, early_alert_canines

Meet The Next Frontier Of Service Dogs

The human-dog relationship has been mutually beneficial for centuries... Now there’s one more truly amazing thing we can credit dogs with doing for people — they can be taught to sense when a diabetic person’s blood sugar is in the danger zone and alert the person to take action.


Even More New Diseases Linked To Cigarette Smoking

Did we catch you enjoying that seemingly intoxicating combination of nicotine and caffeine?


Smart, Fat and Complacent: America Knows Better, So Why Are We Still Obese?

We know it and hate to say it. Americans have gained a well-earned reputation around the world for being heavyweights when it comes to our waistlines—but in a country saturated with information, why can't we change our habits?


Skinny Fat: It's a Thing

Congratulations, we have another thing to worry about. Kids, welcome to "skinny fat."


Diet Slam of the Week: Eat Like a Cavewoman, Lose Weight Fast!

New research has killed the buzz on the Paleo diet, the latest get-skinny-quick phenom.